Requirements and Conditions to rent a car

To rent a car is required:
Be over 25 years.
Possess driving license with two or more years old.
Having a credit card up with enough to guarantee quota.

In the city of Bariloche, we can deliver our units in downtown hotels without charge.
Transfers from and to the airport in Bariloche are free, provided they are made in the same unit, otherwise the transfer shall be paid a remis.

In different time or date to the provisions of the contract
To return the car to another date or time is not written in the lease, ask for authorization to the agency before the deadline provided for the return of at least 24 hours. The agency schedule may vary, so it is recommended that you are informed in advance.

Remember that the rental day is 24 hours straight, with up to one (1) hour of tolerance to return. From the 25th hour they will be charged overtime (1/5 of the daily value for each extra hour) and a daily self protection.

  • All rates are subject to change without notice. The values ​​and conditions are part of the contract.
  • In case of theft, robbery, wreck or collision, it will be necessary to present a certificate issued to the relevant authority.
  • Should the vehicle be delivered and / or returned to other than the originating agency, the customer must pay the fee Drop Off.
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