The company

In September 1979, among other activities always related to tourism, we started almost inadvertently, to rent cars.

At that point, the Fiat 600 and the Renault 4 the most requested.
Thankfully, we were able to overcome many political and economic situations that crossed the Argentina.
Whenever we gave priority to the personal attention of each and every one of our customers requested service.

Serve them in their native language (German, English, Spanish and Portuguese) allowed us to generate more customers to friends
This earned us the recognition of many; and some who are loyal to us for over 36 years.

The year 2014 finds us in full activity, surpassing not only the range of units, but expanding our horizons with agencies of Spain, Brazil, Germany, Chile, Uruguay, Israel, Argentina and the United States who entrust us with their clients; especially those using Bariloche as a natural gateway, walk the boundaries of Argentina and Chilean Patagonia with our units.


El Cesar Rentacar